Fuji Elevator Lift
Fuji Elevator is one of the toppest Fuji Elevator Lift in China.During these years of exporting , Fuji Elevator now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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  • Description
  • Tech Parameter
  • Payment terms: TT / LC
  • Packing: Wooden cases
  • Port: Shanghai / Ningbo Port
  • Lead Time: 35-60days
  • Warranty: 24 Months
  • After-sale Service: Technical support from our senior engineer

For various builidngs such as office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, apartments and so on, FUJI passenger elevators always provide passengers with safe, quiet, comfortable, quick riding experience.

Our professional and considerate service has resulted in customized elevator configurations and cabins that not only maximize usage of shaft space, but also perfectly match the architectural decoration style. Well-made passenger elevators could even be regarded as the exquisite mechanical art works in a building, creating a warm, modern, luxurious or elegant atmosphere for passengers.

The safe, quiet and comfort operation of FUJI passenger elevator has benefited from the key equipments: permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and advanced door machine operating system.

Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine

With the help of FUJI high-tech control system, gearless traction machine can save more than 33% of energy compared to traditional technology. In addition, gearless traction machine needs no renewal of lubricant, no grease pollution, low noise, quiet and natural.

Panasonic door operator system

FUJI passenger elevator applies the advanced variable voltage and variable frequency VVVF control technology to the door operator system so as to ensure smooth and mute operation of the elevator door.

In order to meet the different requiremnts of architectural design, we launches two kinds of elevator types: small machine room type and without machine room type.

Small machine room passenger elevator
The machine room is located on the floor directly above the elevator shaft. The main components of the elevator are placed in the machine room. For our engineers have rich design experiences and mature elevator configuration technology, they can make the machine room smaller and more compact. At the same time the elevator has excellent performance, more convenience in installation and maintenance.

Without machine room passenger elevator

For buildings that can’t make a space for machine room, the main components of without machine room passenger elevator will be placed in the top space of the shaft, giving greater flexibility to the building's exterior design.  With computer software design, Our engineers make good use of every inch of space, so that the elevator performance is good while meeting the needs of installation and maintenance.

Product Name

FUJI Passenger Elevator


ISO9001 /CE

Place of Origin


Machine Room

Machine Room or Without

Drive Type

Electrical Gearless


FUJI High-Tech VVVF Control System

Load Capacity


Rated Speed


Cabin Wall Material

304 Stainless Steel / Painted Steel / Wooden / Grass

Key Words of Wall

Stainless Steel, Mirror, Ethching, Golden, Titanium Wooden, Grass

Floor Material

PVC / Marble

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