FUJI Intellectual Control System

FUJI intellectual control system accurately measure the location of car during the operation of elevator; The real time calculation of the system can make sure the best running time always. While the elevator acceleration, deceleration and braking, it will be more steady, the running time for each floor will be less, the leveling accuracy improved, and bring superior riding comfort.
FUJI Digital Inverte

Advanced vector conversion technology, according to human body riding comfort, it will take real—time speed adjustment. Advanced high-speed digital signal processing system can increase the sensitivity of the speed control of the traction machine, which will minimize the elevator vibration.The newest low—noise control technology can make the elevator operates quietly and steadily.Vector conversion technology Reduce elevator vibration Reduce noise.
  • Vector conversion technology
  • Reduce elevator vibration
  • Reduce noise
FUJI Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Traction Machine

Advanced vector conversion technology, according to the human body ride comfort, will adjust the speed in real time. advanced High-speed digital signal processing system to improve the speed of the traction control machine, which will minimize the Less elevator vibration. The latest low noise control technology allows the elevator to run.
FUJI High Precision

Car displacement tracking technology ensures the leveling safety. Car-displacement-detection technology with high accuracy makes almost perfect leveling between the car and the landing level.
Panasonic Top Advanced Door Operator System
FUJI Elevator applies the advanced Panasonic VVVF variable voltage and variable frequency control technology to the elevator door operator system so as to ensure the smooth elevator door and quiet switch. What is more, the self-learning door load detector increases the sensitivity of the elevator door switching on/off. It monitors the variation of elevator door load on every floor. Automatically rectifying the most appropriate open / shut speed in every floor so as to guarantee the security and reliability.
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