Elevator Trunking Operation Process
Elevator Trunking Operation Process
Jun 12 2019
Wireline wiring
(1) The water and dirt in the cable trough should be eliminated before wiring in the trunking.
(2) The sum of the cross-sectional areas of the conductors in the same trunking (including insulation) shall not exceed 40% of the internal cross-sectional area.
(3) Special protective gear should be used for the wires entering and exiting the trunking. If there is no special protective guard, protective measures should be added.
(4) When wiring the bottom of the cable trough, the branch wires should be bundled with nylon straps and bundled under the bottom of the wire trough to prevent the wires from falling.
(5) The wires of different voltages, circuits and frequencies should be placed in the same trunking with the partitions.
(6) The reserved length of the wires in the junction box should not exceed 15cm, and the reserved length of the wires in the box should not exceed 1/2 of the circumference.
(7) Both ends of the wire shall have a clear wiring number or mark. The installer shall record the clear meaning of the number or mark for the purpose of investigation.
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