Are You Aware Of The Installation Of Elevator Engineering? Do You Know This Knowledge?
Are You Aware Of The Installation Of Elevator Engineering? Do You Know This Knowledge?
May 24 2019
Taboo 2: Missing preparations necessary for elevator commissioning
Consequences: Only when the preparation is sufficient, the debugging work will be smooth, and any unnecessary omission will bring the consequences of repeated actions.
Measures: The necessary preparations before commissioning are as follows:
(1) According to the elevator operation and maintenance manual, the refueling parts such as the traction gearbox and the oil pressure buffer are required to be oiled.
(2) Check the electromagnetic brake, separately supply power to the brake coil, and adjust the clearance of the brake shoe to ensure the brake is effective.
(3) Toggle each protection switch by hand to test whether the electrical device is reliable and flexible, and whether the electrical linkage device is effective.
(4) Remove the door opening knife on the car door to ensure that the door will not open automatically during elevator commissioning.
(5) Place a 50% standard weight of the load in the car, and put the counterweight and the car in an equipotential state, manually cranking to know if there is any jamming when the car crawls up and down, the car and the pair Heavy balance.
(6) Checking the power supply, the voltage fluctuation is not more than 2%, and the voltage and capacity of the power supply are sufficient; it should ensure that the power is safely used during the commissioning of a single elevator to prevent power loss due to other construction power.
(7) Reliable intercom equipment should be necessary for commissioning, and debugging can only be carried out when the power supply, communication, personnel, and machinery are all adequately prepared. In reality, there have been many accidents caused by communication errors and personnel misoperations.

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